Create a copy of the current document into a new document

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Create a copy of the current document into a new document

By Xiaodong Liang


How can I have an identical copy of the current document and create it as a new document?


One of the solution is to create a temporary drawing template file from the current database first, then create a new drawing with the template. Then delete it if necessary. Here is an outline of required steps followed by a code fragment.

1. Wblock the current open drawing.

2. Save the wblocked drawing as a template file (with a DWT extension) to a temporary location on your hard drive.

3. From the application context create a NEW document using the previously saved template file.

4. If necessary, 'remove' the temporary template file from your hard drive.

//help fuction: create a new document

void newDocHelper(void *pData)


   AcApDocument* pDoc = acDocManager->curDocument();

   if (acDocManager->isApplicationContext())


    acDocManager->appContextNewDocument((const ACHAR *)pData);




    acutPrintf(L"\nERROR: in Document context : %s\n",pDoc->fileName());


// Please note, here we are using "C:/temp.dwt" as a location

// for our temporary template file. Please change this location

// to suit your requirements as appropriate.

  void copydwg()


   // TODO: Implement the command

   AcDbDatabase *pDb = NULL;

   AcDbDatabase *pnewDb = NULL;


    pDb = acdbHostApplicationServices()->workingDatabase();

   assert( pDb != NULL );


   if( pDb->wblock(pnewDb) != Acad::eOk ) {

    acutPrintf(L"Couldn't wblock.\n");




   if( pnewDb->saveAs(L"C:/temp.dwt") != Acad::eOk) {

    acutPrintf(L"Couldn't saveAs C:/temp.dwt file.\n");

    delete pnewDb;



   delete pnewDb;  

   static wchar_t pData[] = L"c:/temp.dwt";

   acDocManager->executeInApplicationContext(newDocHelper, (void *)pData); 

   // 'remove' is a C function to delete a file and its syntax is

    //int remove(const wchar_t *path );



NOTE: Do not register this command with flag 'ACRX_CMD_SESSION' because

AcDbDatabase::wblock() will fail in this context.

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