libdxfrw C++ library to read and write DXF/DWG files

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libdxfrw is a free C++ library to read and write DXF files in both formats, ascii and binary form. Also can read DWG files from R14 to the last V2015. It is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 (or at you option any later version).

If you are looking for general information about the project, check our website:

Building and installing the library

Use the tipical

autoreconf -vfi (optional)
make install (as root)


  • Open vs2013\libdxfrw.sln with VS2013
  • Build Solution There is also a dwg to dxf converter that depends on libdxfrw that can be built the same way.
  • Open dwg2dxf\vs2013\dwg2dxf.sln with VS2013
  • Build Solution

Example usage of the library

The dwg to dxf converter (dwg2dxf) included in this package can be used as reference.

Test files

Test files are supported.


Build Docker Image

docker build --rm -t codelibs/libdxfrw .
docker push codelibs/libdxfrw:latest

Build libdxfrw on Docker

docker run -t --rm -v `pwd`:/work codelibs/libdxfrw:latest /work/

dxfrw.tar.gz is created. Extract this file under /opt.

Push Release Images

docker tag codelibs/libdxfrw codelibs/libdxfrw:centos7
docker push codelibs/libdxfrw:centos7